Instant pot & Devotions

Diane Stickler


Diane - 541-521-1953


Dates & Times:

June 22nd             9:30—11a

July 13th                9:30—11a

July 20th                9:30—11a

August 3rd            9:30—11a

August 17th          9:30—11a


Meeting Place:

The Atrium at Calvary

Theme or Activity:

Ladies, let's get together to learn how to use our Instant Pot for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND

dessert! There are lots of ways that an Instant Pot can be used so we will learn the secrets of this gadget and eat our creations! Part of our time together will also be

exploring how to have a quality

personal bible study time. Learn the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How's of devotions. Let's encourage each other and be successful

together in this journey of our spiritual growth! We will be meeting 6 times together over the summer! Come HUNGRY for food!

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