Kirk Stickler, Todd Sykes and Mike Coontz

Dates & Times:

                 Workout 1                                  Workout 2

                 Monday 12-1pm                   Wednesday 12-1 pm

                 Tuesday 5:30-7pm               Friday 7-8 pm                


Meeting Place:

Planet Fitness—42nd and Main Street in Springfield.

This facility was opened just over a year ago, and has a huge selection of cardio machines, weightlifting machines and free weights.  There is a separate area, set up with machines and steps for a 30-min circuit workout. It has very nice locker rooms with showers.

The basic membership is $10.00 per month with no contract required. They have a sign-up fee that may be reduced for this group. If you are planning to join, please sign up at the HUB first and then join the fitness facility before our first meeting on Friday night, Jan. 20th

Theme or Activity:

This group is for women and men. We will meet at the prescribed times to work out together.

Friday’s Failure/ Fun nights:   January 27 — February 24 — March 24

*At the 4 prescribed workout times, we will have several options for those who come including a pre-determined workout that incorporates the free weights and machines.  If you prefer, you can come and do your own workout or the circuit area.

*We want to have fun while we exercise!  One of the things to that end is on one Friday night each month we will have a workout designed where all who want will do each exercise to the point of failure. After we are done with that, we will all go out for desert! 

No judgment!


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