Chuck North


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Date and Time:

Saturdays 9:00 am to noon


Meeting Place:

Calvary Open Bible

Theme or Activity:

"WE Desire to Create Because of our Connection with the Creator."

In our busy service oriented lives, it is difficult to find a place and the time where we can connect with our creator and other creative followers of Jesus through the arts. It is my conviction that arts should reveal the beauty, glory, and honor of God as an act of praise flowing from our inner most being as we connect with our Lord. This can be expressed as a gift to our church and a world that, at times, has a hard time finding beauty. We can be Good News through the arts.

God’s first act of revelation of His character is that he created as he spoke, and “everything came into being that was created.”

All artists, whether performing arts, musicians and vocalists, writers, digital, 2 D and 3 D artists have a valuable place in the Kingdom of God as we take what was “not” and bring it into being.

My hope is to create a space in time and a place where we can connect with our Creator through the arts and with one another to express our gifts, as we grow in Christ-like character, and glorify God through what He has given us.


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