New Normal

Randy Fulkerson


Randy (541) 514-0898 or



Dates & Times:

Every Wednesday evening at 6:30, starting September 14th.


Meeting Places:

We will meet at Calvary Open Bible, 1116 Centennial Blvd.


Theme or Activity:

This group is for Veterans and their family members who are dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events the Veteran witnessed in combat. We will be using the “Combat Trauma Healing Manual” written by my mentor Chris Adsit. Manuals will be available to purchase for $12.50/ea.

When the Veteran is living with PTSD, the rest of the family is as well, known as secondary trauma or secondary PTSD. This class will help the Veteran and the family members learn new coping skills to combat PTSD and to adapt to their “New Normal”. We will meet weekly and I can be available to meet with individual families as needed. 


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