Tanya Johnson and Cynthia Nagao


Tanya (541) 517-1626  

Cynthia (808) 652-2623 


Dates & Times:

September 18th, October 2nd, October 16th, November 13th, November 27th and December 11th

Meeting Place:

We meet at 6 pm at 3318 Pinyon St., Springfield.


Theme or Activity:


support and encourage one another through the difficulties and struggles, and rejoice together in victories and successes.

believe the best way to support and build one another is through God’s Word.

will have fun activities, times of worship, prayer and fellowship.

believe that we are called to stand firm in the truth, to be a mirror reflection of who God is to the world, but especially to our children. 

need to be in the Word regularly so that our actions and beliefs line up accurately.

do not let our past define us, our identity is in Christ, not our past.

Our mission IS our children. 

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