Courtnie Truebe

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Dates & Times:

Tuesdays 7 pm


Meeting Place:

Calvary Open Bible, 1116 Centennial Blvd.  Atrium


Theme or Activity:

As moms, we feel under a lot of pressure. We must get it right in all areas of life (work, home, family, faith). It feels like everything is dependent on us.
But those impossible standards can leave us with worry, fear, anger, and shame. They threaten to steal all the wonder from parenting, life, marriage and our personal relationship with God. 

This group is designed to meet with other mothers of young children and encourage each other in life’s everyday struggles and victories! This loose structure is built on the principles of the bible study Mom Set Free, No need to buy the book and there will be no homework, you have enough on your plate. We don’t have childcare at this time but hope you can carve out a little time for yourself to focus on your spiritual health. Let’s help each other to stop trying so hard and allow ourselves to simply enjoy our kids; to have grace with ourselves and to reflect that grace to our children.

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