At Elevate Youth Ministries we believe we are called to "Raise the Level." Raise the level of the student's understanding of who and whose they are, to raise the level of standards in our lives, and raise the level of worshiping Jesus. 


We believe that our goal as is to help students find their identity in Jesus and help them know how to walk that out practically. We have many youth events and go on many trips to reinforce this goal by providing time with the students. We meet every Thursday at 7 pm, where we start with worship then split Middle School and High School students up for teaching time.

On Sunday morning, Middle School students join the adults for the first portion of the worship service before being dismissed to participate in their own class.  We prepare a weekly lesson tailored for the Middle School age group to grow, be affirmed and connect with their peers.  Middle School classes are available during both Sunday morning services and take place in the gym.

Angela Agustin

Middle School

Richard and Owida Bockla

High School

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