Nov 9

Everett David's Brother

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Everett took a turn for the worse this morning, he is in ICU now, they give him 24 hours to live. Right now they have him on three very strong BP medications, and this is the only thing that's keeping his blood pressure and heart stable. The doctors can only keep him on this med for 48 hours. Once they take him off the med, the dr. said he will be very unstable. Everett needs a miracle. He is in a comatose state.

Nov 13

Lord, I do not know what has happened in these last few days. May you have held Everett up. Heal him. Let him walk out a healed man.

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  • Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation has Approved me! Finally. Now they are able to help me find work and fill in the needs (training) where necessary. This has taken a long time.
  • Please keep my son William in your prayers. He's not making very good choices for his life. He really needs GOD to work in his life. My heart has been really hurt by his cruel word he throws at me. Also he needs to find a job. Thank you for your prayers.
  • God is doing miracles! The doctors are baffled and can't explain it, but she is slowly and steadily improving. Please continue to lift up Val and Ray and their family, and continue to pray for a complete healing. God is good and He answers prayer!