Oct 3

Healing for David's Brother


David's brother Everette {who lives in Fresno Cal.} has no feeling in lower legs, and he is having back spasms, Had a tumor around spine at one time the doctors are going to do test on his back and legs in a couple of weeks, He cant drive his car at this time which frustrates him.

Praying for Everett. Our God is a God of miracles.

Oct 11

Lord shine upon Everette, for You are gracious and have sympathy for those who are burdened and downtrodden with cares, and for all who look to Him in their times of need. May you intervene and heal, as no one else can.

Oct 20

Do you have an update on Everette?

Oct 21

David's Brown Everett is back in the hospital with a tumor on his spine, they wont operate cause its too dangerous, but is to stay in the hospital for a week while they do therapy and give him chemo too. He is in a lot of pain.

Oct 21

Let us continue to pray together over this situation.

Oct 21

Yes! I agree, he had this happen before about five years ago and the doctors were surprised it came back.

Nov 1

@Freida How are things going for David's brother Everett?

Nov 13

I pray that God has helped Everrette or that he will be. Lord bring us good news from you.

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