Oct 16

Prayer for me


Hi Calvary.

I had been experiencing dizziness last week up to Monday. Went to see my pcp on Monday & he did an EKG in his office. He compared to 1 he did a few mos back and said there was enough change to be concerned about and sent me to the ER. Well....I am still here. So far have not been admitted, but they have done numerous tests. EKG, Ultrasound, 2 CT scans. 1 for my heart, 1 for my brain, MRI and as of this morning, they have me no food or drink, as Cardiology is going to do more testing.

Their first diagnosis was that my heart valves aren't working properly. But this hasn't been their final diagnosis. Still waiting for the cardiologists to give their opinion.


So!! Please keep me in prayer. Please pray for the staff here at Riverbend, that they will find out what is wrong with me. My whole body needs prayer. My right leg & knee is also giving me intense pain.

Thank you all for the prayers. Will update as I can.


Oct 17


our staff is lifting you up in prayer. We serve a God of miracles. Praying He will give the doctors wisdom as they seek to find the source of your dizziness.

Thank you John and thank you Calvary. Our God IS a God of miracles. Thank you.

Lifting you up in prayer Joyce. Praying for wisdom for the Riverbend staff. Believing the Lord will speak to you, give you strength and provide you with everything you need.

Update! I am home! 4 long days. Thank you everyone who is praying for me. Still not 100%, but with Gods hand, I will be great soon. Please continue to pray for me. As some of you know I have had trouble standing any amount of time. My right knee is in terrible pain, please keep my legs& knees in prayer also. Calvary is great! The brothers & sisters that are a part of Calvary Open Bible are truly amazing people and I feel blessed by the love & prayers everyone gives freely. Thank you.

Oct 18

We are glad you are home, we will still keep praying for completely healing. I am sorry you are going through this The Lord is still with you all the time, I pray for more strength for you Love praying for you!

Thank you Fredia. Your prayers are a blessing.

Oct 20

Lord, lead Joyce to healing and wellness. We look to you to see how you will intervene. Lord please grant recovery. You alone heal. All healing comes from You and it flows from You to any earthly vessels you may choose, including You Yourself without any human intervention. How long, O Lord. Please heal. Please heal. Give her many more reasons to pray You, for Your kindness. We look to you. Please intervene.

Thank you BillN. I am positive God will heal my body. Thank you. & God Bless.

A day spent in bed. Dizzy. Dizzy. Dizzy. James had to help me walk anywhere. We think it is new meds. Not taking again until I call pcp Monday.

Thank you everyone that is praying for me. God will touch your lives in unbelievable ways. I am trusting in God's miracles.

Nov 1

Continuing to pray.

Nov 13

Lord, lift Joyce up -- her spirit, her body, her emotions, her peace of mind in you. You know all things. Give her signs that let her know that you are for her and not against her, and that regardless of the paths she will take, that you are in love with her and looking to do her good. Encourage her, that she may be encouraged. Grant her hope. May she praise you for what you will do for her.

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