Oct 13

prayer for my son


my son is going to be 5, his name is kaleb. He is very strong willed, VERY STRONG WILLED. lately he has been disrespectful and tonight was the second night in a row that he screamed and yelled in his room and even attempted to hit me all because we wouldnt let him have his way. we are pretty much on top of him, we discipline, he has consequences, we dont let him run wild. we have worked with him since birth.

it's all new. we were able to put an end to it, but hes getting more and more strong willed. when he gets mad all he sees is red and he wont listen at all to what is being said. we have worked on verses that talk about respect that speak to his level. I just spent an hour in his room while he is asleep crying out to God, praying my verse cards that I found from scripture, over him.

so now I need others to lift him up in prayer along with me. he doesnt have any challenges or issues medically. its just a phase the doctor says, but I refuse to let my son become disrespectful or out of control. at church he is fine, out in public he is fine. this is new to us because up until this point, we have never seen him behave this way. so please pray....because it feels like an uphill battle.

Believing with you! Praying for wisdom for you as you parent Kaleb.

Oct 18

Our thoughts and prayers are for you and your family and son, thanks for asking us to pray for it our privilege to pray with you.

Oct 20

You need help, from the Lord first of all, but also from the body of Christ. Dan Silver may be a resource. He has worked with kids at Jasper Mountain. So also Jeff & Cindy Turner may also be resources, as they have been around a lot of things. Joining in prayer with you for this situation.

Oct 20

PS, you re doing good things. Keep up your seeking God in his throne room. Never stop seeking Him.

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