Oct 8

update again


I am just going to write this as a praise. after praying, I approached my husband about our marriage, to find out what was going on in his heart.. he made excuses and said some very mean and hurtful things, which literally left me with a broken heart. I spent most of Sunday afternoon alone, by choice. I did my moms lawn and raked her leaves and it gave me time to pray not only for the situation and for forgiveness but if there was anything my husband said that was true and the ability to deal with that and change. No, he didnt have to be mean or hurtful with his words, but I asked God to reveal to me the truth from the excuses that were made by him. the praise is this; during that prayer time, God showed me that I still need to serve my husband and that it's His responsibility to deal with whatever is going on in my husbands heart. I can only control my actions and my choices and I can still choose joy. He also gave me comfort that I needed and the ability to come home and choose to continue to love my husband. so please keep praying. its a praise because after that talk, God gave me the ability to still find joy through the broken heart! Plus keep a respectful tone with my husband, as well as not wallowing in the what if's and complaining, but to choose joy and thankfulness.


Oct 11

Jaime, you are a fellow traveler in the obedience that comes from God. Your path is one many have gone down, where the enemy wants you to fight with human energy for your own desires, while the Lord is giving you wisdom, strength and energy to stay the course, to not be weary in doing good, and to forgive others as God has forgiven you. Those promptings are the jetstream of God's love. Never let go of that. Pour out your heart to him, let him hear everything, including telling him "Never the less, not my will, but thy will be done." It is true, God does not overrule the hearts of man. Which means God is working and to trust him with the process, even as you continue to bring your prayers to him. I'm elated for you. That is the maturity of the Lord. Can you do that for a lifetime? Can you do that for a day. Can you do that for the moment. We're all so carnal at times, but in our times of need, God gives us peace and takes a burden from us, leaving us with instructions on how to cooperate with the Lord. It is a praise, and how wonderful you are doing that. Stay the course. No matter what. Run to a prayer closet and ask God to arrest your anxieties and strengthen you. You are living your life just as God has intended, when you pour out your heart, then listen, and then obey, faltering at times but then renewing yourself in the Lord. Never let go of that, forever. There is no other place to receive the words of life, than putting it all out in the throne room of prayer. You are living as Christ desires. Always ask for strength when it gets hard. You're doing so good. What a way to ask for prayer, to put it in a praise -- and THAT it is, as I see His work in you!

Oct 11

Lord, continue to strengthen Jaime. May her lifestyle continue to be a witness that exhibits a spirit of peace which no one can't help but see. Work through her, making her countenance shine when others are around her. May Jaime's spirit itself be an invitation to the glory and presence of God in her life. Draw others to you through her. Thank you, God, for giving her wisdom, your presence, your help and your hope. Sustain that work in her, to your delight and to hers and her family. May all her fountains be in you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Oct 20

You have many things happening around you. Continue to seek the Lord as you have been. He is your oasis. Prayers continuing.

thank you! you have no idea how much I appreciate your prayers!

Nov 1

@Jaime cauntay May God continue to uphold you and to move in the hearts of your family members, including ourselves. Keep on keeping on. His will is for us to ask, and then trust.

Nov 13

May perseverance finish it's work. May grace and comradery in your home be high. May a peace settle over you and your household. May God continue to do his work through you. May God grant your prayers.

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  • Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation has Approved me! Finally. Now they are able to help me find work and fill in the needs (training) where necessary. This has taken a long time.
  • Please keep my son William in your prayers. He's not making very good choices for his life. He really needs GOD to work in his life. My heart has been really hurt by his cruel word he throws at me. Also he needs to find a job. Thank you for your prayers.
  • God is doing miracles! The doctors are baffled and can't explain it, but she is slowly and steadily improving. Please continue to lift up Val and Ray and their family, and continue to pray for a complete healing. God is good and He answers prayer!