Oct 22

update on son


thank you to all who have been praying! since writing, we have tried some different tactics that we haven't tried before. the Lord has been giving wisdom right and left and while my son isnt happy about it at the time, he has started thinking before acting out. when he does have to deal with the consequences, the Lord has opened up doors to talk about respect and how our family looks to God as our authority and He is the one who wants us to respect each other as much as we humanly can, that he wants him to obey his daddy and I. we have been able to talk about forgiveness and grace but that we need to choose to change our behavior and make good choices and rely on God to help us where we are falling short. He has found that he doesnt like some of the consequences to his actions and has been trying really hard to talk when he is angry instead of see red. so thank you again to all who have prayed and are continuing to pray!

Nov 1

Most awesome. God is good. It's a journey. Someone once said that some kids are door checkers. What does that mean? They get their security from parents who don't relent. When we are fickle, it upsets their lives, making them fearful. When we are consistent and do so lovingly, the door checkers twist the door knob as hard as they can, and then, secretly inside, they are pleased that you don't keep changing this way and then that...it means you are dependable and that your words matter and are not just words in the air. Loving discipline. You are doing good. Some don't need to check doors. But the ones that need re-affirmation, will do so all during their growing up years. The longer you stay true, the most stability they feel. We all needed mercy and love, and firm boundaries to keep us on the true path. Keep it up. Accept that you may have a door knob checker. It's kind of like a security guard who walks the building and strongly tests the doors to make sure they are locked. It's not because he thinks someone did something wrong, but because it's his job to make sure that someone else isn't doing something wrong. The security guard feels best when the doors are locked. It's when a door is open that normally isn't is where fear or doubt or concern appear. Just thoughts... Be faithful, calm, loving and all the other things God is wanting to put into you, that only He and you would know about.

Nov 13

May God continue to give you wisdom and understanding, insights and success, day by day by day.

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  • Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation has Approved me! Finally. Now they are able to help me find work and fill in the needs (training) where necessary. This has taken a long time.
  • Please keep my son William in your prayers. He's not making very good choices for his life. He really needs GOD to work in his life. My heart has been really hurt by his cruel word he throws at me. Also he needs to find a job. Thank you for your prayers.
  • God is doing miracles! The doctors are baffled and can't explain it, but she is slowly and steadily improving. Please continue to lift up Val and Ray and their family, and continue to pray for a complete healing. God is good and He answers prayer!