Dave & Freida Brown

Jeremy & Helen Blackshear


Dave: -541-895-4721 or Freida: - 541968-6743

Jeremy: -541-729-6966 or Helen: - 503-801-0722


Dates & Times:

Every Saturday and other times TBA


Meeting Place:

We will meet at the church for prayer and then travel as a group to whatever location we will be serving on that day.



Theme or Activity:

The primary focus of this group is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.  We will gather food, clothing and basic necessities and take it to various locations in the area where the homeless congregate.  We will also be going out and helping people in the community who can't help themselves.  We are going to be helping people with things such as yard care, fixing things like gutters or things inside the house, making meals (for people who have had a baby, or are in the hospital, or are going through a tragedy).