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Big Family Kids

Sunday Schedule:


1st Service  8:30-10:00

No Children's church

2nd Service  10:30-12:00

3 yrs-5th grade

Parents check children in upstairs between 10:15 and 10:30 where they will stay for the whole adult service.

What we are all about...  

At BiG Family Kid's Ministry, we want to partner with you, as the parent(s), in equipping your children with the tools and knowledge they will need to build their lives on a relationship with Jesus.  We do this by capturing their imaginations through creativity, capturing their minds through solid Biblical teaching, and capturing their hearts through relationship. Prayerfully, the outcome will be authentic sons and daughters of God who love Him with every part of their being which results in genuine Christian service. 


During first service there will be no children's church.  Second service is different.  Parents check their children in upstairs between 10:15 and 10:30 and they remain upstairs until the adults service is over.  After service, parents will come back upstairs to pick up their children.

You’re Loved, You're Wanted,

You're Needed, You Belong!!!

This is your BiG FAMiLY

See you Sunday Morning!

Pastor Cindy

Donna Nickell


Sunday Nursery Schedule:


1st Service  8:30-10:00

No nursery is available first service.


2nd Service  10:30-12:00

Infant nursery is next to the elevator, and 3 years and above check in upstairs.  

In our infant/toddler nursery your little ones will not only receive caring attention, but they will also learn the God loves them.  This nursery is located next to the elevator on the west side of the atrium.

When you check your child in before service, you will receive a number which will be flashed on the screen in the service if you are needed.

We welcome the opportunity to care for your young child while you worship free from distraction.

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Wednesday Schedule:


6:30 - 8:15pm

Check-in upstairs

Gayleen Peterson is our BiG FAMiLY AWANA Club Commander.  She has been involved in children's ministry for over 23 years, and here at Calvary Open Bible for 13 years. She feels that God has put this special area of ministry on her heart as a calling and in her heart as a passion. 

AWANA: Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed. This is exactly what this club is about.  We focus on memorizing scripture and small group discipleship.  We learn team building skills and respect for one another. We learn more about God's character and how that applies to our lives. We have fun doing it in a way that children can understand. 

Parents need to pick their children up in person by 8:15pm upstairs. We are open to all children age 3 through the 6th grade.

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