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Stay the Course

This past weekend, Diane and I were in Sunriver for a leadership retreat. We took the opportunity to run on some of the 37 miles of bicycle and running trails there. If you've never been there, the entire resort community of more than 4000 homes is scattered over 3.300 acres of lodgepole pine forest and the bike trails wind through among the homes and along the Deschutes river. It's a great place to run or bike but it's easy to lose your sense of direction and get lost.

I've been there several times so I decided not to carry a trail map with me on this run. The trails have markers, but I wasn't paying attention and before I knew it, we were lost. Not lost like we'll never find our way back, but lost like one more wrong turn and it's going to be 8 miles back to the house instead of 3! The whole experience reminded me of the instructions God gave to the Israelite's through Joshua in Joshua 1:7 "Be careful to obey all the instructions Moses gave you. Do not deviate from them, turning either to the right or to the left. Then you will be successful in everything you do." The message is as applicable today as it was then. Whether running on trails or navigating life, it's easy to get distracted, confused and suddenly find ourselves lost. Like the map I left behind, the Bible is our road map, the means for staying on the right course. And don't miss the promise at the end of verse 7. We all desire to be successful and if we follow God's directions without deviating, we will be. Come join the Calvary Running Team this week for a training run/walk. We rarely get lost and we have a great time of encouragement and fellowship. This week we will meet on Wednesday at noon at the Springfield entrance to Pre's Trail (the parking lot at the corner of Aspen and D streets). On Saturday, we will meet at 8 am at Weyerhaueser road off 57th street and Bob Straub Parkway. On Sunday we will meet at 4 pm, one hour earlier than usual due to daylight savings time, at Clearwater trail.

Have a great week! Pastor John