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Prophetic Love Notes

I was given this word at Ladies' retreat, then reminded of it again when praying for couple's retreat. I realized it's not a word for couples, but a word for all of us. When we understand just how He loves us, we are equipped to walk in freedom, and then we know how to truly love Him back and love others. I believe this is not only a word for Calvary, but a declaraion to the Bride of Christ--the church in general.


Your bride is beautiful! All of her imperfections make her even more special. She is fierce and emotional. One minute she is bright and admirable and the next she is grieved and hurt. She is known completely by you; all her flaws and imperfections—inside and out, yet there’s nothing you want more. She has mood swings but you want to search each one. She is soft and pliable, and even though that makes her easily distracted and misled, you clothe her in strength and dignity. Although she is stiff necked and overly made-up, you clothe her in humility. Although she has been unfaithful, you desire her kiss and her words of affection. Even when she sleeps, you watch her with affection and whisper sweet nothings to her. You delight in her brokenness because it means you get to defend her and you get to hold her and soothe her woes. You doodle her name on your hand and you desire to tell her all your secrets.


Awaken to His love. Breathe it in. Breathe it in again—deeper this time. Regardless of the battles and distractions, rest in His arms, sink into His snuggles. It’s comfortable and warm there. Let yourself be adored by Him! Let Him lavish you and cover you in oil like Esther. Spend so much time, so close to Him that you smell like Him long after you’ve left the cuddle. Intimacy with Him isn’t about saying the right things, or doing enough good—it’s not a performance. Just enjoy each other. Let Him enjoy all of you while you enjoy all of Him. Only when you understand this love and this rest, will you be able to be free—more free than you could ever imagine.

"Kiss me—full on the mouth!

Yes! For your love is better than wine, headier than your aromatic oils.

The syllables of your name murmur like a meadow brook.

No wonder everyone loves to say your name!

Take me away with you!

Let’s run off together!

An elopement with my King!"

Song of Songs 1:1-4 (The Message)