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Respite Foster Care Training

Respite Foster Care Training Reminder

Just a reminder that we will have a training next Sunday at 1 pm for those who are interested in learning about or becoming certified as Respite Foster Care Providers. There is currently a huge shortage of Respite Providers in Lane County. Families who provide a home for foster children need a break from time to time, to have a quiet dinner together or a weekend get-away to recharge. Unlike typical families, foster families are required to leave their foster children in the care of ONLY those who have been certified. A shortage of Respite Providers is leaving foster parents fatigued, burned out and discouraged. We have the opportunity as a church to bless foster parents and as an extension, our community by training up, certifying and making ourselves available. If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in, or if you would simply like to have more information, join us at 1 pm on Sunday, December 6th. Lunch will be provided and the training should take about an hour and a half. Have a blessed week. Pastor John