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Every Breath You Take

Each day we do something simple, without thinking, time and time again. We receive a precious gift, yet we are seldom even aware of it. This routine, mindless action becomes even more important when we are running or otherwise physically exerting ourselves. We breath. How could something so vital become so mundane that we stop taking notice?

We take notice when breathing becomes difficult. Suddenly all we can think of is breathing. Yesterday the CRT gathered at Clearwater trail for a run. It was foggy, cold and the air was heavy. Soon after we started we noticed that it seemed harder than usual to catch our breath. It got me to thinking about this gift that I take for granted. It all started with Adam. Genesis 1:30 tells us that "God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being." God breathed life into Adam like supernatural CPR. But He didn't stop with Adam. Acts 17:25 tells us that it is God who gives everyone life and breath. "Rather He himself gives everyone life and breath and everything else." Philippians 2:17 refers to God's word as the word of life. So God gives us breath and life and His Words are life. In her book Believing God, Beth Moore wrote "Consider how we can live off the CPR of God; as we believe, we inhale His words, and as we speak, we exhale His words." What a great picture. The more we breathe in God's words, the more prepared we are to exhale, to share them with others. Words of truth, of encouragement, of LIFE. This is one of the cool things that takes place as believers get together. We get the opportunity to share words of truth and life with one another. I would encourage you to join up with the Calvary Running Team or any of the other Community groups. It will be like your spirit is taking a deep breath of fresh air. If you would like breath with us, I invite you to join us as we meet this week.

On Wednesday we will meet at noon at the Springfield entrance to Pre's Trail (the corner of Aspen and D Streets near the playground). On Saturday we will meet at 8 am at Alton Baker Park and join a group that is training for the Pacific Northwest Marathon. (They will be starting their run at 7 am, but hopefully we can still connect and support them) On Sunday we will forgo our usual 3 pm run so that everyone is free to attend the memorial service for Mike Egli. Have a great week!

Pastor John