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Helping the Homeless

Last Saturday our community group put on a breakfast for the homeless at Island Park. We were also able to give out clothes, shoes, hats, toiletries, bibles and scriptural tracks. It was very special because we had combined our group with the Healing Hearts group. Everett and I had been taking about doing this for the last four weeks.

The people that came to the shelter were very thankful for everything they received; a lot of the homeless are very kind and are willing to share what little they have.

Within that hour and a half that we spent under the Island Park Shelter, there was a lot of testimonies going on. One was Big Rick who was so thankful to get a new pair of boots and coveralls that fit him. I asked him if he needed a bible, he said he had a bible and reads it every night before he goes to sleep. Then he told me if it wasn’t for Christ being in his heart he would never be able to make it through the week.

Rainy is another homeless man that loves the lord. He gave Freida a bracelet with a heart on it, and said he could see that she has a kind heart and that she loves the lord.

Glenn and his dog Pepper was one of the first homeless men that I met. He is a man of God, and loves helping people in any way he can, whether it’s passing on information about a dinner or helping out at his church. He is one of Christ’s cheer leaders. He is more than willing to put his words in to action for the lord.

Dave is the mechanic of the group. The main mode of transportation for the homeless is bicycles. Dave is always out looking for bike parts. I told him I will keep my eye out for a bike or bike parts. He thanked me and then he said Linda, who is one of the older homeless women, got her bike stolen and she is having trouble getting around.One of the men said he took three of our tracks from a couple of week ago which matched up with a christian book that he is currently reading. Saturday he took some more of our tracks. Another man was looking for clothes for his friend that is coming off of meth. The Holy Spirit is definitely there under the shelter with us.

A couple of weeks ago we had a small group of men but a powerful time in prayer towards the end of our time at the park. Kathleen, Freida and I sat down with a man named Everett and another man named Robert. We talked about the salvation of the Lord, they were both open to the salvation message. Robert was listening very closely while tears were coming down Everett’s face. At times he could not stop crying. I believe bondages were being broken. This is what it all about, this is why we are there, to present the gospel of Christ, and bring those unsaved souls into the fold of Christ.

One of our five year old workers knew this in her own child like faith, she was a real trouper. She went around and made sure everyone was fed; she passed out tangerines, served gravy, and passed out clothes. When she heard her grandmother talking about going to the park and helping out the homeless, she said she wanted to go. Her grandma explained that it would be cold, then the little girl said,' I have a warm house to come to, they don’t.'

Freida and I want to thank everyone who came to help out at the Breakfast on Saturday.

God Bless everyone. Dave and Freida J

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