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Two Miracles in One

Last week at Journey,there were some miraculous things that happened that you should know about:

We read and discussed Acts 2 (the chapter where God pours out His Holy Spirit on the disciples and thousands of people get saved). It makes you wonder, if Jesus promised that we would do far greater things than even Him, why aren’t we seeing that in our lives? It was a great conversation, as you can imagine. Then we took turns praying over one another for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our own lives. It was so cool to see each person step out in different giftings in their prayers over one another. Some of these folks have been walking around with a prophetic ability to see God’s heart for others, and we didn’t even know it!

A few weeks ago, the elders came to pray over and wash the feet of the Journey members. Each person had powerful things spoken over them and prayed into them. I saw spiritual electricity in one member’s hands and knew that God was placing a gift of healing in those hands. This week, we put that gift to the test. Mr. Electric Hands (changing names to protect the humble) prayed over a guy that has had a life long struggle with a heart problem. When he came to Journey he was having chest pains but didn’t want to worry anyone and didn’t mention it. And here’s the best part:

The guy with the heart problem hasn’t had any chest pains since!!!!!!!

I had to spread the news. Testimony builds our faith. When I told Mr. Electric Hands, he told me he knew that his friend was healed immediately because he could feel it. He always assumed that his hands were meant for destruction given his past anger issues, but now He realizes that His hands are meant for health and life!

Only Jesus can redeem angry hands into healing hands, and a heart condition into a testimony of healing! Thank you, Jesus!!