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AWANA Grand Prix 2016

Melissa C and her team did a wonderful job putting on the Grand Prix this year! The children converged upon the church gym on April 23rd with their parents and cars in tow. Each car had been carefully and creatively crafted by the children and their parents.

Anticipation for the races was high as they started. Several children went home with trophies and everyone went home with a participation ribbon and the satisfaction of a fun afternoon.

For Spark's Speed; Avery O. took first place, Joseph T. took second place, and Abe M. took third place.

For T&T Speed; Evan P. took first place, Alexandra S. took second place, and Grace M. took third place.

For Design; Joel O. took first place with his bat-mobile car.

Annika K. took second with a skateboard car.

Eden H. took third with a caterpillar car.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of making these memories with and for the children!