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Miracles in our midst

Jesus is on the move within our Calvary family! Being part of so many different ministries at Calvary affords me the opportunity to see what He's up to!

I've been part of a young married women's group on Monday nights and it has been incredible to see the impact that meeting together has had on our marriages. I could stop right there and give God the credit for an incredible miracle. Just that our marriages have been strengthened is more than enough. Last night, though, there was more!

One woman was sharing her testimony of being delivered from a lifetime struggle with the spirit of fear. She shared that the key was to forgive the person that inadvertently introduced her to fear and allow Jesus to replace it with a gift from Him. Her key to keeping fear away is to stay tapped into His joy. Of course while she shared her battle with fear, the other ladies in the room began to identify with that feeling so much that they were tense and anxious too.

This morning, there was a group text from one of the ladies: "Hi friends, last night I left feeling a bit intense on the inside. That thought of someone following me or being behind me was approaching, but I didn't want to be afraid. I got into bed and I remembered that I used to have such fear that I could not let my eyes close at night. So you know what I did? I forgave my mom for watching such terrible and gross things [horror movies] in front of me without my consent and allowing that fear to overcome me. And I believe that God healed my jaw! I don't know if you could hear it clicking last night...It was hurting. I had made an appointment on Thursday for possible TMJ...AND I slept the best I have slept in months!" Most of her friends knew of this pain--it certainly was real and not at all in her head.

Later, she wrote that she was eating a hamburger with no problems! She believes that God has promised that He doesn't want to just heal her jaw and her fear, but He wants to heal all of her joint pain! I choose to believe that with her too! I choose to believe that for her, and for you as well! Forgiveness is the key to freedom and celebration is the key to more!

Email us and tell us what miracles you're seeing in your life! We want to celebrate with you!