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What a great weekend! The Calvary Running Team represented well in the Pacific Northwest Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. Three of our runners completed the 5K, 7 completed the half marathon and 3 completed the full marathon! We also had 6 people volunteer at aid stations or as race marshals. Thank YOU! No one set any course records or qualified for Boston, but everyone finished, and that is admirable. I was thinking that there was one quality that we all needed in order to finish, regardless of the distance. We needed endurance. A few miles from the end of the half marathon, I could feel myself fading. My feet hurt and my legs had grown heavy. It was then that an inspiring worship song began to play on my headphones. It was from Psalm 100 and it reminded me that God too demonstrates endurance.

Psalm 100 says that His love endures forever. I began to think of how amazing it is that God never stops loving me. Goodness knows I've given him ample reason to write me off. And while He might grow weary of my repeated failures, His love endures. It may seem weird, but just reflecting on God's unfailing love for me led me to think that if He can love me in spite of all my faults, I can at least finish a run without quitting. Whatever you are going through this week, when it gets hard to push on, remember that God's love endures forever. What an encouraging thought!

If you would like to join us and work on developing more physical endurance, we will have two training opportunities this week. On Saturday we will meet at Weyerhaeuser Haul Road (the corner of 57th street and Bob Straub Parkway) and on Sunday, we will meet at 5 pm at Clearwater Trail. I hope to see you there. Have a great week! Pastor John