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Standing in the Gap

We would like to start out our first newsletter not about us or anything we have done, but, about a family that inspired us to use our talents. We went to one of the first community groups that they were teaching. Called gifts of the” Holy Spirit “they saw a potential in us that we didn’t see in our selves. Joel and Koy’a and family have since been called in to the missionary field, and are now stationed in Sri Lanka.

Freida and I are standing in the gap in prayer for this family please join us, that God will give them strength, he will keep them safe, and they will not be over whelmed, with the task that God has for them. Right now there are nearly 350,000 people that have been affected by the flooding that have ravaged that country. Their goal for this month is provide disaster relief for 5,000 people. The disaster relief of food, water and medical supplies is coming in slow because of the corruption within the government. We need to bind the enemy in this area and blind the eyes and put a hedge of protection from any one that would steal these supplies. A restored body opens the soul and mind to see the love of Jesus.

I’ve been in their shoes it’s something that’s hard to comprehend or even to talk about, working 40 hours out of a 48 hour shift and seeing even more people than you expected coming for help . Watching souls being turned away, because you have to choose which ones are going to get help and which ones are not, simply because you are too exhausted to go on. Working tirelessly to the point of having the walls of your ministry tent being taken down and moved to another area while your still inside tending to people’s needs. Knowing that if you could take back those lost hours it would be that many more souls you could have helped and could have been brought into the fold of the kingdom of God.

It isn’t until it’s all over that you fully comprehend what had been accomplished. Pray for their debriefing meetings these meetings are very important; pray for clarity of minds and wisdom. “WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”

Dave and Freida