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Spiritual Fitbit

My kids got me a Fitbit. They are the latest fitness rage. All I do is wear it and it gathers information about my physical activity. It syncs to my phone so at the end of the day I can see how many steps I took, how many flights of stairs I climbed, what my resting heart rate was, even how much time my heart rate was in the fat burning, cardio or peak zones. It records my sleep patterns and calories burned. If I record the information in my phone it will even compile the number of calories and ounces of water I consumed during the day. The first thing I learned soon after getting this amazing gadget is that my perception of how active I am during the day and reality (according to the Fitbit) are vastly different! I was convinced that I had walked several miles when in reality it was only a little over 2. I'll admit, at first I was discouraged, but over time, the Fitbit has given me a more accurate reflection of my daily activity. And now that I know that I'm accountable, if only to a watch, I find that I am seeking opportunities to be more active. It got me to thinking about what would happen if there was a spiritual Fitbit. You know, a devise to record how much time I spent in the Word and in prayer each day. It might even track whether it was focused devotional time or if I was distracted, if my prayers were fervent and heart felt, or simply going through the motions. Good prayers and time in the Word or fellowship would be like calories burned and unkind words, impure thoughts and ungodly actions would be like calories consumed. I could track whether I was becoming more like Jesus, or less like Jesus. It would hold me accountable and give an accurate reflection of how I was doing. The thing is, we don't need a spiritual Fitbit. We have something better; the Holy Spirit and each other. In John 14:26 Jesus said, "But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you." The job of the Holy Spirit is to be like a spiritual Fitbit, reminding us of the truth and holding us accountable. The Bible also tells us that we are responsible for helping each other improve spiritually. Romans 14:19 Build one another up, Colossians 3:16 Admonish one another, Galatians 5:26 Challenge one another, Ephesians 4:25 Speak truth to one another, Hebrews 10:24 Spur one another to love and good deeds. These are all ways that we can act like a spiritual Fitbit for one another. But here is the catch, we can't fulfill these roles if we aren't in relationship any more than my Fitbit can accurately assess my activity if I don't wear it. So I encourage you to join the Calvary Running Team or one of our other community groups, get involved, build relationships and let us be spiritual Fitbits for one another. This week all of our runs will be at Clearwater trail again. On Wednesday we will meet at 7 pm, on Saturday we will meet at 9 am (note the change from 8 am) and on Sunday we will meet at 7 pm. Come early on Sunday to Mount Vernon school and join the Kickin' It group at 5:30 pm for a warm up game of kickball! I am still taking orders for Calvary Running Team shirts. The cost is only $10. If you would like a CRT shirt, please contact me with your shirt size. Have a great week! Pastor John