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Get Real

You don't have to talk to many people to realize that one of the greatest issues non-Christians have with Christians is that "they're all hypocrites." Unfortunately, all too often we earn that label. Certainly not intentionally, but how? By not being REAL. Nothing is more of a turn off to unbelievers than a pretender or more attractive than authenticity. If you're having a difficult day, don't pretend you aren't. Yes, one of the fruits of the Spirit is JOY, but sometimes we just don't feel it. When that happens, it's better to be honest than to pretend. When we pretend, the only one who is fooled is ourselves. The Apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 3:9 "Do not lie to each other." James wrote that we should "confess our sins to one another and pray for each other that you might be healed." We speak often about the importance of relationships. As believers, when we develop relationships with one another, and begin to be honest about our struggles and our successes, that's when we grow the most. It's the way God intended for the body of Christ to operate. Next Sunday we will be launching 14 community groups for the Fall. That's 14 opportunities to get together with other believers, build relationships and grow. When we are able to Get Real, others around us will be drawn to Jesus, not by our pretending that we've got it all figured out, but instead, by our authenticity. The Calvary Running Team isn't just about encouraging one another toward better fitness. Our goal is to be welcoming and inclusive, and to ultimately help others to have a closer walk with Jesus. If that sounds like something you could use, we invite you to come join us. Fall is upon us, school is starting and the days are getting shorter. As a result, we have changed the times that we will be meeting. Beginning this week we will meet at noon on Wednesday at the Springfield entrance to Pre's Trail (we meet at the park at the corner of Aspen and D streets). On Saturday we will continue to meet at 9 am, this week at Dorris Ranch and on Sunday we will meet at 6 pm at Clearwater Trail. I hope to see you there. Have a great week! Pastor John