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Helping the Homeless

September 24, 2016 We are starting our first helping the Homeless group on September 24th and I wanted to give everyone an update on some changes. We are starting to see parents coming with their infants to the Lunches. We also have a couple that is expecting a baby, so we need new born, one year old, and two year old clothes, especially shoes. Also it would be nice to have some Christian tokens or coins, crosses, and small thin pocket bibles that we can pass out, with the flyers. I haven’t looked on line yet to see what they have, the ones at the Christian book store in Valley River averages two fifty each and they have a round coin and a token shield. They seem to really like the short devotional books such as Daily Light by Bagster/Lotz. Also Jesus Daily b Aaron Tabor, MD The Lord has closed the doors for Freida and I from going down to California, as a result we are starting our first homeless community group on September 24th, then we will be skipping the October 1st to do another homeless reach out on October 8th. We are also changing the time when we start to 11:30 so we will be setting up at 11:15. The reason for this is one of the churches in the Island Park area serves dinner at 4:00 for the homeless. We will meet at the Park not at the Church. I’m excited to be serving the homeless again, what an awesome God we serve. A friend and I , who does prison ministry, picked up some flyers to pass out this past Thursday from Pastor John. Before we left John prayed for our ministries and the Holly Spirit came down on us in a mighty way. From there we went to the Christian Book store at Valley River Center, what a great place, they had all kinds of Christian materials that you could use for a ministry. On the way home we stopped at Island Park and passed out over 15 flyers what a warm reception we got. We had several positive conversations with the people we encountered there. We ran in to a young lady whose house was burnt down and needed some clothes for her one year old son. On Saturday we had a chili lunch for over 20 homeless men and women at this same park, they were all very thankful, for what we did. What an awesome privilege it is to be the hands and feet of Christ and serve others. Thank you for your prayers in supporting us, Dave and Freida