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A Good Recipe

Way too often, my daughter decides to bake. Brownies, cookies, cake - it really doesn't matter, she just likes to bake. This means that there are often tasty treats just laying around, waiting for my will power to wain, until I give in and eat some. Actually, there isn't anything really wrong with eating tasty treats, it's the moderation issue that causes me trouble. The thing is, all of these delicious treats start with a recipe - several items that on their own, might or might not taste good, but when mixed together in proper amounts, they create a wonderful dessert. My wife has been following a running plan for several months now. Sometimes I join her and I have to admit, some of the running workouts are NOT fun. Intervals and hill repeats are just plan hard. Long slow runs are much more enjoyable. However, when all of the elements of the running plan are put together, the result is steady improvement. It's a recipe for success, but some of the elements don't seem good. This reminded me of Romans 8:28 "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." At first glance, we might look at one event or another in our life and think, "Really? How is this good?" But there are two important keys in this passage. First, it is God who does the work, not us. And second, it says "all things work together". Just like the the individual components of a recipe or parts of a workout might not necessarily be good, the result of all of them together is good. Baking soda isn't good, but when mixed with the other ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, it "works together" to be good. So this week, when something happens that doesn't necessarily fit your definition of "good", remember that God is working, and He will work all things together for good. It's His recipe for good. One of the ways God works things together for good is through relationships. He has called us to work together to encourage one another and to bear one anothers' burdens. That's where groups like the Calvary Running Team come in. We invite you to join us. This week we will meet on Wednesday at noon at the Springfield entrance to Pre's Trail (park at the corner of Aspen and D streets), and on Sunday we will meet at Clearwater trail at 4 pm. On Saturday,most of us will be at the couples retreat so we won't have a run that day. I hope to see you out there this week. Have a great week! Pastor John