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CRT is still Running............

John and Dianne are on vacation this week. We pray that God refreshes and replenishes them during this time. So as a result, I, Jerry Thomas, have the privilege of providing this week’s CRT devotion. If you would like to share and provide a devotion for the group, I would encourage you to contact John.

So here goes….

A Desert or A Jungle?

Pastor has been speaking from Matthew. In Matthew chapter 4,Jesus was led into the desert.. A barren and desolate place. A place of isolation. If you have been to the desert, you know that everything is hostile. Even the plants have great thorns. When I think of the desert, I picture an old prospector struggling in the barren waste to find water. You may find yourself in the Desert,a wide expanse of nothingness or in a Jungle. The jungle, a place where each step reveals a different danger or trap. Where you cannot see and your senses are overwhelmed by sights, smells, and sounds. When I picture the jungle, I picture Indiana Jones, jumping over obstacles, running with the prize, dogging arrows, diving under the wall, chased by a 15 foot bowling ball, diving out of the hole to be surrounded by angry natives. Is that where you are today, in the jungle avoiding one obstacle to just encounter another? If you are in the desert or in the jungle, I would like to give you a word of encouragement.

For the last few years, Nancy and I have been in the jungle, ping-ponging from one obstacle or trial to another. This has been a difficult adventure. Though this has been possibly the most difficult season of our lives… This has been the season of our greatest spiritual growth. God has taken us to new depths. This has been a season of our greatest use by God. He has seen fit to use us in new and different ways. This has been a season of deepening and expanding of relationship. Relationships built by serving together in Mexico and at home, reaching new and greater depths. Relationships built out of community. I am grateful and humbled by the brothers and sisters of the Lord who have spiritually and literally walked with us. You have given up your own plans to run, to walk when I could not run, to listen, to strengthen, to pray. God has abundantly met our needs. God has used you, this community of believers, to strengthen and encourage.

If you find yourself in the desert or in the jungle or if you are preparing for either, I encourage you to join and connect to one or more of the many community groups offered. It is the connection and relationships that provide critical and needed support in the desert or in the jungle. Community is doing life together…

So how does this pertain to CRT & running…One of the key 12 habits of highly motivated runners described by Cindy Kuzma, in Runner’s world is “make a date… nothing keeps you from going back to bed like knowing someone’s waiting for you.” Run together… Both in our physical race and spiritual race we are meant to run together to encourage and motivate each other and not to run alone. So if you would like to become part of a great group of people who run and walk together, to help encourage and motivate each other I would like to invite you to join us this week at …

Clearwater trail on Saturday at 9 AM and Clearwater trail on Sunday at3:30 pm.