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As I asked God what to share in the CRT devotion, he reminded me of a story years ago involving my daughter Emily when she was 4 years old.

At that time, a stray cocker spaniel wandered into our neighborhood. She ended up being picked up by animal control and we located her at Green Hill. After the waiting period we were able to adopt her.

Shortly, after bringing her home, Samantha, came down with Parvo. I was still in grad school and finances were tight. The veterinarian told us the odds were much less than 50% for survival for a treatment we could not afford. The veterinarian advises us to let the disease run its course or….. So as I sat with 4 year old Emily, with Samantha sick at our feet on the family room steps, I explained that we could not give Samantha medicine and she very likely would not get better. To this, Emily’s clear and direct reply, Dad, then we need to pray for Samantha. Of course, that was the response! So we prayed for Samantha. And yes, she miraculously recovered, by morning she was greatly improved.

She fully recovered and was with us until she quietly went to sleep 17 years later beside our pond in the back yard… I cannot say that God healing our pet is theologically sound but what I can say is God is very much interested in instilling a landmark of faith in a young lady that she can look to years later in a time of need. God chooses to feel our heart breaks.

As God quicken this memory to my mind, I was struck by two things:

1. I am exceedingly grateful to the Kathys, Brees, Donnas, Gayleens and the many others at our church who gently, consistently, and tireless till and plant in the soil of the mission field of their calling. I am forever grateful for their willingness to speak into the hearts of God’s children.

2. The “clarity” of faith and the directness of the response. There was no hesitation. The path was clear and uncompromising. Emily’s response: prayer. Jesus, states “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. …” Matthew 18:3-4.

As adults, our response is often complex and filtered by our experiences and by the bombardment of the world.

We try to assess the problem. Solve the problem. Our response is often “foggy” and lacking clarity….. When our 1st response should be clear and direct, “ask God in prayer…”

So I encourage you and myself as we face challenges today to have a childlike clarity in our faith and seek God as our 1st response.

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