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Healing is Messy

Guest Devotional by Jerry Thomas: In Matthew, 4:23, “Jesus went throughout Galilee,…healing every disease and sickness” . His methods were varied and unconventional ranging from a simple touch (Luke 5:13), a word of faith (Matt 8:13, Luke 7:7), a touch of his garment (Luke 8:44), to spit. Yes three times, Jesus used spit (Mark 8:23 & John 9: 6 (spit & mud). Mark 7:33 describes the healing of a deaf and mute man by Jesus putting his fingers in his ears, spitting on his fingers and then touching his tongue. Okay, sometimes it was kind of gross. The healing process God has designed in our physical body though incredible is definitely not pretty. Physical repair and healing often involves surgery, incision (cutting) to remove defective and diseased tissue, staples and stitches to close a wound, generation of new tissue, scars, pain and strengthening leading to recovery and health. Wounds actually close from the inside out with new tissue growing from the deeper dermis layers and to the outer layers. Recovery requires a critical balance of stretching, exercise, and exertion. The key is to stretch the muscle and regain mobility without over exerting and hurting yourself. If you do not stretch, scare tissue builds up, decreasing flexibility and making it painful to regain the full range of motion. If you are like me, finding this critical balance is difficult. I know when I have done too much because I hurt. I optimistically overestimate the speed of recovery. Without the aide of a team of brothers and sisters in the Lord helping me keep on track, walking and encouraging me step by step, I am sure my recovery from recent surgery would not have gone so well. Similarly, God heals our emotional and spiritual wounds in from the inside out, touching our hearts and minds. As God heals you and new spiritual and emotion tissue grows. New and old scars may be revealed. Scars that may have faded but still keep you “curled” up and unable to move as God would desire. As God heals you physically, spiritually and emotionally, I encourage you to allow God to stretch you to keep you “flexible”, “pliable” and able to move as God desires. Find those who will encourage, walk step by step and stretch you. Be patient with yourself but diligent and consistent. Be prepared and listen for God’s prompting, for God will use your story, your healing to help others. Remember, the healing process is not always pretty but truly miraculous. We would love to have you join us for a run or walk this week. All of our runs this week will begin and end at the parking lot at Clearwater trail off Jasper Road. On Wednesday we will meet at noon. On Saturday we will meet at 9 am and on Sunday we will meet at 3 pm. I hope to see you out there this week. Have a great week! Pastor John