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Best Laid Plans

A warm welcome to those who are joining the Calvary Running Team for the first time and training for the Pacific Northwest Marathon or half Marathon. That's about the only thing that's warm this week! Last week our message was about the importance of having a plan and being disciplined to follow the plan. But what happens when you have a plan and the determination to follow it, but something unexpected happens to completely derail your plan? Remember this quote from last weeks email? "As soon as you input your target goal and distance and get your training schedule for the first week, something will come up to distract you or derail your plan." Well, that's exactly what happened! I'm pretty stubborn about sticking with my running schedule. Last Wednesday, in spite of the driving rain and near freezing temperatures, I headed out to Clearwater for my scheduled 5 mile run. However, after a mile and a half, I couldn't feel my fingers and toes so I turned back and cut the run short. The next day, the rain had stopped so we bundled up the kids and headed to Clearwater again, determined to keep on schedule. As we approached town we saw more and more ice covered trees and when we got to the trail we discovered that it had been closed due to downed trees and limbs. Another potential run foiled! Later we had to cancel the team training runs on Saturday and Sunday due to the weather. So much for our first week. As important as it is to have a plan and the discipline to stick to it, I've learned that it's equally important to realize when it's best to alter the plan rather than push it. For example, while I had to cut a run short, I've learned to follow the rule of running - "If it's sore push through, if it's painful, STOP." When I've followed this rule, I've avoided serious injury. When I haven't, I've sometimes had to stop training to heal up. The point is, it's important to have a plan, but it's equally important to recognize when it's best to accept a change in the plan. This reminds me of one of my favorite verses in the Bible. Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I have a plan, but God's plan is better and I need to trust in that. So we're going to call this last week a recovery week and trust that it will lead to even more successful training in the coming weeks. Our training schedule will be abbreviated again this week because our usual training days fall on Christmas eve and Christmas day. On Wednesday we will meet at noon at Alton Baker park at the entrance to Pre's Trail. We would love to have you join us. Next week we will get back to our regular training schedule and stay tuned, we might even throw in a challenge to join us as we start 2017 off by running a 5K at midnight. More details to follow next week. If we don't see you on Wednesday, have a very Merry Christmas! Have a great week! Pastor John

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