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Trust Your Training

It's here! Many of you have been training for months and now the Pacific Northwest Marathon is less than a week away. There is nothing more you can do now, just trust in your training. Since next Sunday is Mother's Day, I thought I'd go with a Mother's Day theme this week. Trust your training. It's what we do when it's time to run a race. There's no more time for preparation, we have to lean on the efforts we've put in during the days, weeks and months leading up to the race. But what's that have to do with Mother's Day? I'm not a Mom, but I feel like it's the same for Mom's. You spend 18 plus years training, instructing, pouring into your children, then at some point they leave home. No more telling them to make sure they do their homework, or their laundry or clean their room, or to be careful of the friends they choose. Now, you just have to trust your training. Many of you are more than a little anxious about the upcoming race, but just like parenting, you prepare the best you can, you trust your training and you do your best. No one can ask anything more. And in the end, if your training was good, the result will be also. Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." I know I didn't always meet my Mom's expectations after I left home. It took me a while to mature, (some would say it hasn't happened yet!), but even today, many years later, the training from Mom serves as a standard that I strive to meet. The reality is, the race might not turn out the way you would like. Your kids might not always do what you think they should. Either way, it does no good to worry. You just have to trust your training. And on Sunday, don't forget to thank Mom for all of the hours she spent pouring into your training. Volunteers Still Needed! If you don't have plans on Saturday, May 13th, there is still a need for volunteers to help with the Pacific Northwest Marathon. As a benefit, you can be there to cheer on and encourage members of our group who will be competing in the Marathon. If you are able to help out, give me a call or shoot me an email and I will connect you with the race director. We invite you to join us this week for a run or walk. On Wednesday we will meet at noon at the new Millrace extension to the Clearwater trail. On Saturday, we will be at the Pacific Northwest Marathon cheering on our teammates, start time is 7 am. On Sunday we will meet at 5 pm at Clearwater trailhead. I hope to see you out there. Have a great week! Pastor John

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