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Elevate Youth Summer Church Camp 2019 "Do Something"

We just got back from what I like to call heaven on earth, church camp! Our High School Students were challenged and encouraged by messages from speakers Gary and Patty Moreno: 1. To own what we already have, to offer what we have to God, to trust God's power to transform what we offer Him. 2. There are four elements in stories; the victim, villain, onlookers, superhero. Be a Hero! Stay curious not critical, don't stress out over labels because God's not, doing something great for God begins with doing something and get comfortable in your own skin, who God created you to be. 3. We have to be serious about getting out of the Ruts in our lives; the rut of rebellion, the rut of distraction and the rut of regret. 4. Storms happen, we need to be prepared and know that God has given us promised power in the Holy Spirit. GOD'S ONLY LIMITATION IS MY EXPECTATION! LORD BUILD UP MY EXPECTATION!!!

We also had an incredible fun time at camp: Team games, water balloon sling shots, swimming, the black hole, zipline, nine square, smash face, signs, slip-n-slide, hanging with old friends, making new friends! So ready, for Camp in 2020.

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