Step by Step Adventures - Steve and Carla Tchalemian


Steve: (206) 930-6746,

Carla: (206) 930-6441  or


Dates & Times:

August 13th:  Thursday 6pm, Location TBD

August 22nd: Saturday 10 am, Location TBD

September 3rd: Thursday 6pm, Location TBD


Theme or Activity:

Hiking, Camping, Geocoaching

Have you ever wanted to do something but didn't want to go alone? Are you tired of watching your family stuck on their electronic devices? Join us as we find life's hidden treasures in the great outdoors or on a nature walk. Whether it is water recreation or searching for a nearby geocache, our group will be open to all skill levels and ages who want to experience life, Step by Step! Some events might even be a surprise! Just show up, disconnect from electronics and re-connect with people as we walk this life's journey together!

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