Connecting With Wonder

Tim & Shawna

Donnie & Amanda Thompson


 Tim & Shawna: 541-543-6205    

  Donnie & Amanda: 541-729-3866


Dates & Times:

          Every Wednesday 6:30 pm beginning June 5th.


Meeting Place:

We will meet at Homer and Toni Meads home

8843 Thurston Road

Theme or Activity:

God is not boring and He is not distant. He is living and

active and He is still at work in our world. We are invited to partner with Him and are passionate about seeing what God is doing right now! We believe that when God enters a situation, His power changes it.

This group aims to challenge our thinking about how we hear God, what He is doing and how we can be better at partnering with Him. We will be watching some videos that focus on miracles, signs, wonders and God movements around the world, then we will discuss them. (Some of the content of the movies can be heavy and may not be suitable for young children) We want to grow and challenge ourselves. We want to be in awe of the God we follow. There will be no homework and you can join this group anytime you want. Adults and mature youth are invited. Like all good Christian events, we plan to have snacks.

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